Code of Conduct

  • Abu Umara Medical & Dental College Lahore stands committed to impart quality education to students and as part of its curriculum, to develop our students into well-disciplined and responsible professionals having respect for their character and fully accountable for their conduct.
  • The achievement of this objective requires persistent devotion and dedication on the part of the students, with their focus on superior behavior and conduct.
  • The information given below contains instructions and guidelines which will help the students to achieve the objectives of the "Student Code of Conduct."
  • This information contains official policies of the Abu Umara Medical & Dental College Lahore, which the students are required to follow in letter and spirit at all times.
  • The College will enforce and implement these policies formally and swift disciplinary action will be taken against any student flouting any of the rules/policies contained herein.
  • Attendance

    1. In the annual system of education, regular attendance in the classes is essential and monitored to ensure that the student has not missed any Lecture and Practical or fallen behind in her academic work.
    2. As per the university policy, student having less than 85% attendance is not eligible to sit in the Annual Examinations.
    3. Attendance of students is monitored through an online system of roll call in each class by the concerned faculty member.
    4. A latecomer may sit in the class even after the instructor has already marked him/her absent.
    5. Attendance after late arrival does not give the student any right to ask the instructor to mark him/her present.
  • Punctuality

    1. Students are required to be seated in the specified classroom before the commencement of the class. Students are expected to be quiet and well-behaved.
  • Dress Code

    1. Students are prohibited from wearing a dress that is provocative or indecent, has any inappropriate script/image, or is not according to local cultural values
    2. Students should avoid flashy clothes, jewelry, anklet, make-up, open shoes, or shoes with heals producing noise.
    3. Boys must wear dress shoes, and dress shirts with full or half sleeves tucked inside trousers. Neat Shalwar Kameez with waistcoat is also allowed.
    4. All the students must wear white overalls in Laboratories.
  • Identity Cards

    1. Students are required to display their College Identity Cards prominently all the time while on campus.
  • No Smoking in Campus

    1. The College is a 'No Smoking area’. Students are strictly forbidden to smoke on the Campus, inside the College premises, Lawn, cafeteria, and on the roads inside the College.
  • No Smoking in Campus

    1. The College is a 'No Smoking area’. Students are strictly forbidden to smoke on the Campus, inside the College premises, Lawn, cafeteria, and on the roads inside the College.
  • Avoid Politics

    1. Students are strictly forbidden to involve themselves in any political or sectarian activity whatsoever while on the College campus. This includes any sort of grouping among students for ulterior motives.
  • Car Parking

    1. Car stickers at nominal cost are available from the College Accounts Office and these stickers are to be displayed on the left top corner of the windscreen.
    2. Cars with a sticker are permitted to be entered into the College.
  • Avoid Loitering

    1. Loitering and languishing in and around the College premises or lawns in front of the College or corridors etc., is strictly prohibited.
    2. Students may sit on the benches provided throughout the Campus during break time.
  • Drinks / Eatables

    1. Drinks and eatables can be taken only inside the cafeteria.
    2. Eating and drinking at all other places are prohibited.
  • Social Activities

    1. For all social activities including small parties, written permission of the management will be required.
    2. Students wishing to hold the above should fill in the prescribed form giving details of the event/party, number of students invited/ attending, date, and place of such social event.
  • Willful Defiance / Disobedience of College Rules / Instructions

    1. Students are expected to read the notices/ instructions daily displayed on the Notice Board.
    2. All notices and instructions must be followed in letter and spirit.
  • Damage to College Property

    1. Willful damage of any item of the College property is a serious offense.
    2. Students found damaging College property will be required to replace the damaged item and in addition, pay a fine which will be decided by the Disciplinary Committee.
  • Bullying / Fooling/ Ragging

    1. The College does not allow any kind of bullying, fooling, or ragging with new students.
    2. To set a healthy environment all old students are well-advised to treat the new students with kindness and help or guide them for any problem they may be facing.
    3. Administration and faculty will ensure strict compliance with the policy.
  • Littering

    1. Students will not leave litter around the College including the cafeteria. Dust bins placed at various places should be used for the disposal of litter/garbage.
  • Lobbies, Reception Area & Main Entrance Door

    1. Sitting or standing in the lobbies outside lecture theatres and labs is not allowed.
    2. Students are not allowed to sit on the stairs of the campus or the reception area.
  • Sign Boards / Notice Boards

    1. Instructions on sign boards /notice boards displayed at various places of the campus will be strictly adhered to.
  • Play Field / Lawns / Garden

    1. Crossing playfields and lawns are prohibited. Students will always use the roads or paths.
    2. Damaging trees, a flowerbed, etc. is strictly forbidden.
  • Student Visitors

    1. Students are not allowed to entertain visitors or friends in the College or take them around to visit the campus.
    2. Permission must be obtained from the Administration before inviting any guest to the College
  • Creating Disturbance or Making a Noise

    1. Students will not scream or shout or make unnecessary noise in the corridors or the academic block.
  • Procedure for Meeting Management & Paying Respect & Wishing

    1. Students will pay proper respect and wish Assalam-o-Alaikum to all members of the Management and the Faculty.
    2. All employees of the College will be given due respect and courtesy at all times.
    3. Students wishing to represent any point or requirement/request to the Management must not barge into any office of the Management.
  • Parking

    The parking of any motor vehicle on the property of Abu Umara Medical & Dental College is a privilege granted by the College. To maintain a safe and clear means for the movement and parking of vehicles, parking regulations shall be followed contained herein

    1. Cars with stickers shall be permitted only to be entered in the College
    2. Specific parking slots shall be provided to senior administrative staff and faculty members
    3. Parking shall be allowed from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm for vehicles with stickers given by the College
    4. Car stickers at nominal cost are available from the College Accounts Office and these stickers shall be displayed on the left top corner of the windscreen
    5. The College shall not be liable for any damage to the vehicle
    6. Drivers shall stay with their vehicle and shall not be allowed to wander on college premises
    7. Violation/damage to the parking area shall cost a penalty of a fine (according to extent of the damage) to the vehicle operator/owner
    8. Administration and Faculty shall ensure that the policy is implemented in letter and spirit
  • Disciplinary Requirements:

    1. Every student shall abide by the disciplinary regulations as made from time to time by the management of the College.
    2. All members of the College and other persons authorized for the purpose shall have authority and it shall be their duty to check disorderly or improper conduct or any breach of regulation by students of the College in any of the buildings, including any premises occupied by the students or in the College grounds.
    3. Any member of the academic staff may, if he/she deems it necessary, require any student who is guilty of disorderly or improper conduct in a lecture room, library, or laboratory to withdraw from the room and may bring the offense to the notice of the head of the department concerned, Disciplinary Committee and the Principal of the College.
    4. Students shall be held responsible for making themselves acquainted with all regulations and official notices which affect them. They should act accordingly.
    5. It shall be the duty of all students of the College in all their acts to observe and maintain within the boundaries of the College decent and peaceful behavior at all times.
    6. Fines or other penalties may be imposed by the Disciplinary Committee, or by any other person to whom the committee has delegated powers to act on its behalf, on any student of the College for any Breach of Regulations, or for any act of behavior detrimental to the good order of the College.
    7. A student of the College may be required to bear the cost of making any damage to College property for which she may be responsible, which may be in addition to fine or other penalties which she may have incurred in connection therewith.
    8. The following acts are strictly forbidden and will lead to serious disciplinary action including rustication/expulsion from the College.
      • Unauthorized drugs and solvents.
      • Explosive fire, arms, and inflammable liquids, etc.
      • Betting, lending, or gambling.
      • Possession or use of fire, arms & weapons, etc.
      • Unauthorized possession of any key of the College.
      • Going to the rooftop for any purpose.
  • Disciplinary Suspension or Dismissal

    The College reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student for violation of policies, regulations, and discipline code or of conduct inimical to the best interest, or for the shortage of attendance, or for attempting to use unfair means during classes, quizzes, or examinations. Management decisions in all student matters shall be final.

  • Students' Interaction with Faculty

    1. Students' interaction with faculty should be limited to academic pursuits only.
    2. Students are not expected to socialize with faculty and administration staff more than what is necessary for acquiring quality education in the College.
    3. Students are forbidden to visit the faculty in their houses or the faculty mess either individually or in groups.
    4. Students' interaction with faculty should pertain to studies or any difficulties faced in studies.
    5. This interaction should be during the College timings.
    6. If an entire class wishes to invite faculty to a student's event. At least three teachers should be invited. Written permission from the management of the College is necessary to invite the teachers.
  • Use of Washrooms

    1. Students will not splash water on the floor, and will not throw toilet paper on the floor.
    2. Students will flush the commode after use.
    3. Students should handle the doors, door closers, and water tank levers gently.
    4. Students will place covers of the commode after use and will not spoil the cover of the commode.
    5. Students will not talk loudly while in the washroom.